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Tenants Fees



These terms and conditions are provided to all prospective tenants and guarantor applicants, the aim is to highlight important issues relating to renting a property through our agency. All fees charged to tenants are listed on this document in bold.

OUR COMPANY: Martin Kemps Asset Management Ltd t/a Martin Kemps registration number is 6894930 and our VAT registration number is 972220239.

If you do not understand any part of these terms and conditions we strongly advise you seek explanation before signing. You might consider consulting a solicitor, Citizens Advice Bureau or Housing Advice Centre for independent advice. You are of course more than welcome to contact a member of our team with any questions you may have.

RESERVING A PROPERTY: after viewing a property that you would like to rent the next step is to reserve that property. In order to do this all tenant applicants, and where applicable guarantor(s), must complete and sign the following:

  1. Tenant/Guarantor application forms and process
  2. Tenant terms and conditions
  3. Reservation, administration and referencing fee

All occupiers 18 years or older will need to be referenced

There is an administration and referencing fee of £395 including VAT: this covers the cost of the references and preparation of legal documentation. These fees are non-refundable if an applicant does not wish to proceed with the tenancy or if unsatisfactory references are obtained.

RESERVING A PROPERTY: when reserving a property we will also require you to pay 25% of the first months rent. This will be held by the agent until commencement of the tenancy, and then offset against the monies due at check-in. This fee is non-refundable if an applicant does not wish to proceed with the tenancy after references have been processed.

TENANCY SET UP: Subject to references and contract, an appointment will be made for you to meet at our offices to pay the following monies:

  1. First months rent (less reservation fee)
  2. Security Deposit (equivalent to calendar month and half rent)


Tenant Shop Limited acts on our behalf to notify the local council, water supplier(s) and energy provider(s) in line with your tenancy start date and secondly to supply notifications to the local council, water supplier(s) and energy providers(s) from the date that you vacate the property. Tenant Shop limited will only use your information for the purpose of council and utility registration, closing of council and utility accounts and Energy/Media comparisons upon your arrival. Call Centre comparisons are completely optional for you (the tenant) and you can opt out at any time. Tenant Shop Limited is fully compliant with the data protection act 1998 and a registered member of the Information Commissioners Office with registration number Z305733X.


INSURANCE: You should insure your own contents and possessions and will need to provide proof of this in advance of the tenancy starting. We will retain a copy of the insurance certificate on file and will request to see any subsequent renewal certificates during the tenancy. The Landlord does not have any obligation to insure them. This will protect you against accidental damage to the Landlords goods and also provide you with public liability insurance. It is agreed and understood that you therefore accept full responsibility for any damage caused to the Landlords goods at the property and for any future public liability claim made against you and which for any reason may not be fully met by your existing insurer.


CHECK-IN: Checking-in to a property is an important process and it is at this appointment that you will go through, agree and sign the inventory and schedule of condition. Please ensure you make sufficient time to attend this appointment and that all tenants are present. The Inventory Clerk will meet you at the property to complete the check-in. Checking into a property will be made by appointment only. All check-in appointments must be made during office hours Monday – Friday between 9:00am – 4:00pm. We will always try and accommodate tenants should a check-in need to take place on a Saturday. Please be aware that each time a check-in appointment is changed there will be an administration fee of £72.00 including VAT to cover the cost of amending legal documentation and other paperwork.

PROPERTY KEYS: One set of keys will be provided. If extra sets are required it is the responsibility of the tenant(s) to have additional sets made and the cost will be borne by the tenant. Tenant(s) must inform the Agent of the number of additional sets made, and ensure they are all returned at the end of the tenancy agreement. 

RENTAL PAYMENTS: You must ensure that the rent is paid on the rent due date, in advance and on the same day of each calendar month as stated in the tenancy agreement. It is up to tenant(s) to check that the rent has been paid. All rents should be paid by standing order mandate. We reserve the right to change payment methods to direct debit during the course of a tenancy by providing 7 days written notice. We do not have any control over standing order mandates; they are an instruction by you to your bank to make a regular payment. You are responsible for ensuring payments are set up and made on time and using the reference and bank details we provide you. LATE or FAILED PAYMENTS or payments without the correct reference: There will be a charge of £36 including VAT for each rental arrears or reminder letter that has to be sent. If a cheque is referred to drawer a charge of £36.00 including VAT will be made.

PROPERTY VISITS: Where we provide a management services to the Landlord, we are under an obligation to carry out property visits up to 4 times a year. We will provide at least 24 hours written notice of our intention to inspect the property.

FIRE SAFETY: We take fire safety very seriously. Candles are prohibited from being used on or in the premises.  The use of oil fryers is also prohibited and should not be used on or in the premises.

TENANCY RENEWALS: In the case of renewing the tenancy there will be a charge to the tenant of

£72 including VAT.


SECURITY DEPOSITS: If the tenancy agreement is an Assured Shorthold Tenancy (AST) then the security deposit will be registered in line with the Tenant Deposit Protection regulations. If the tenancy is not an Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement then as Agent for the Landlord will hold the security deposit. The security deposit is held as security for the performance of your obligations as set out in the Tenancy Agreement.

CHECK-OUT: You must ensure all your personal items are removed from the property before returning the keys. You must also ensure the property is in a condition that is at least consistent with the inventory and schedule of condition agreed at the commencement of the tenancy. If you have any queries relating to this you should call our offices or your Landlord in advance of the check out to discuss any matters. There is a Check-Out Fee which is dependent on the size of the property. Please see grid below. This will be deducted from the security deposit at the end of the tenancy.

Tenant Check Out & Report


1 Bed

2 Bed

3 Bed

4 Bed

5 bed








Part / Fully Furnished







Prices include VAT

DILAPIDATIONS: We will need to agree any deductions from the security deposit. Both you and the landlord will then need confirm these deductions in writing. In the case of a dispute over deductions please note we cannot release the amount of the deposit in dispute until you have either reached agreement with the landlord or the matter is resolved using the schemes ADR process. The matter maybe referred to court where a dispute cannot be resolved.  It is ultimately in all parties’ interest to agree a negotiated settlement in order for the tenancy to be concluded and a prompt return of any security deposit monies is achieved. Where there are dilapidations at the end of a tenancy we will charge 12% + VAT of the gross proposed deductions or £72 Including VAT, whichever is the highest sum, for organising remedial works to put the property back into a condition consistent with the relevant clauses in the tenancy agreement and Inventory & Schedule of Condition.

ADJUDICATION COSTS: If you dispute the proposed deductions and the matter is referred for adjudication and the adjudicator finds in total or partly in favour of the Landlord, the Agent reserves the right to charge £180.00 (including VAT) to cover the costs of processing and submitting the evidence required by the schemes ADR process. This fee will be automatically applied as part of the deductions proposed.

REFERENCES: A charge of £36 including VAT will be made should a tenant(s) require a reference.


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